We are an education-focused non-profit organisation based in NSW, Australia. Our mission is to create a community space for researchers, breeders, growers, and the public where knowledge about genomic technology and research is shared, its use in agriculture and aquaculture is improved.

Our space is a safe one, respecting gender and age equity, cultures, and opinions on the use of genomic technologies in society. Please note that genomic technology is not the same as genetic modification and that is a debate our organisation takes no position and has a diverse opinion within our membership.

Our main aim is currently the up-skilling of researchers in the context of using bioinformatics and genomic technologies. We create educational material and conduct workshops related to genomic technologies.

The ultimate goal is to empower researchers and communities in the agriculture and aquaculture fields to help them undertake genomic research.

If you would like to know more about us, please contact us.